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Professor Margaret O’ Rourke

Director of Behavioural Science/ Senior Lecturer School of Medicine, University College Cork


Margaret O’Rourke is a Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist and Director of Behavioural Science at the School of Medicine, University College Cork. A UCC graduate, Dr. O’Rourke completed a Masters of Science in Psychological Medicine at Glasgow University and a doctorate in Forensic Clinical Psychology at Surrey University in 1995.

She is a founder and Director of Mental Health for the RAMAS Foundation based in the UK, Ireland and Canada. Dr. O’Rourke published and presented on a wide range of topics including Stress, Mental Health Treatments, Risk Management, Anger Management, Addictions, Trauma, Violence Reduction and Public Safety.

Dr. O’Rourke is the author and Director of the SAFEMED Program which she developed for medical students, doctors and healthcare professionals. She is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and member of the Psychological Society of Ireland and the American Psychological Association. Margaret O’Rourke has recently been awarded CHARTERED SCIENTIST by the British Science Council.

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