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European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology
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May 17th - 20th 2017 Dublin, Ireland

Tobii Pro Pre-Congress Workshop

logo_proDate workshop: Wednesday 17 May 2017
Time: 13:00 – 16:00
Location: E2.18, O’Brien Building, UCD
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“Holistic technological approach for evaluation and optimisation of human performance, motivation and environmental factors.” Jörg Hoheisel, UX Consultant and Area Manager Tobii Pro, Robertino Pereira, Senior Consultant at Acuity ETS Limited

Understanding the interplay between emotions, cognitive workload and ergonomics is key to create an ever motivating and safe workplace and at the same time improving the performance and quality of outputs. Eyetracking has long been used to identify visual stress factors and to compare search patterns of novices vs. experts allowing to close the gap through training more efficiently. On the other hand eyetracking is being used in usability projects to optimize the user-friendliness of internal and external applications to improve not only performance by lowering error margins and raising working speed, but also by making organizational processes subjectively more understandable and easier for the employees.

With the dawn of VR and the integration with eye tracking, it has become much easier to understand and train employee’s behaviour in environments and critical situations that were out of reach or simply too dangerous before. The possibilities to simulate scenarios and consider human behaviour in those crucial moments are nearly limitless. Combining these insights with an analysis and training of posture and physical movements can reduce work injuries and fatalities to a great extent.

EEG and GSR are further technologies that can help to uncover additional factors related to cognitive workload and emotional processes which, as we know, have great impact on both work motivation and performance.

All these tools are just examples of how technology can help to shape a better, safer and more productive workplace of the future. In our workshop, we will be showing how these tools work and where they find practical application. The session will allow to get some hand-on experience and to answer questions regarding these and other technologies that are being used in organizational psychology.

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