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European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology
Enabling Change through Work and Organizational Psychology
May 17th - 20th 2017 Dublin, Ireland


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Theme of Congress: Enabling Change Through Work and Organizational Psychology:  Opportunities and Challenges for Research and Practice.

The past decade has seen huge upheaval for workers, organizations and communities, due to serious economic, political and social challenges. The result has been a dramatic reshaping of the world of business, management, the economy, policy and the daily lives of those at work. However, with these challenges comes significant opportunities for change, renewal and innovation.

Work and Organizational Psychologists have a critical role in understanding and deciphering the new working environment to support and influence research and practice. There is a demand on them to create new paradigms and new solutions around how successful change can be managed and maintained to effectively support organizations, groups and individuals through this on-going change process.

Ensuring that psychologists can measure and evaluate the impact of initiatives and continue to be responsive and agile in what they accept in a continually changing environment, represents a significant challenge to researchers and practitioners of work and organizational psychology today.

The EAWOP 2017 Congress will address several topics relevant to this theme:

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